Arlington Astronomy Nights '11
at Robbins Farm Park

This summer there will be a series of Astronomy Nights at Robbins Farm Park. Each night we'll have at least one telescope out to view objects in the night sky. We'll have a specific target object each time, but with a sky full of stars, we won't be limited to just that one. The events are totally informal and fun for all ages. Weather permitting, the dates are as follows:

Each Astronomy Night will start when the stars come out.  To add the schedule to your own calendar, import the ICS file.  If it is overcast we'll try for the rain date, but as long as there are some stars visible we'll give it a shot.  For reminders and weather decisions, consider joining my announcement mailing list.  Weather decisions for questionable nights will also be posted on this site.  We set up the telescopes on the observation area that overlooks Boston.

Please note: it will be dark in the park!  Bring a flashlight, but please keep it aimed at the ground while you're in the park.  It takes your eyes a while to adjust to the dark, and you'll see more in the sky once your night vision is working.  Keeping your flashlight pointed at the ground helps everybody keep their eyes adjusted to the dark.  Red light doesn't hurt night vision as much so a red flashlight or red cellophane over a flashlight helps a lot!  Consider using bug spray too.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me at jalex [at] landmanatee [dot] com.