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This is currently an exercise in learning (and re-learning) to put photos on some web pages -- we may have gone a little overboard, so hope you don't get bored!!

Well, it is now July 2009 - and our last entry to this page was in September 2003.  So let's see if we can work backwards and add more photos.

We just returned from a cruise in the eastern Mediterranean.  Here are some pictures from that trip- as usual, click on the small image to see a larger one:

We flew to Rome and had one day there before we boarded our ship.

After our first night of cruising, we arrived at Monte Carlo.  After a tender ride ashore, we boarded our bus and headed for for St. Paul de Vence.  Then it was on to a perfume factory in Grasse and back to board the Ruby Princess.

The next day we docked at Livorno and were off to Florence.

We sailed into the port of Naples the next day with a view of Mount Vesuvius not far from the city.  Our bus tour took us to Sorrento and then Pompeii.  

In September 2003 we traveled (along with Gila and Al and Leslie and Bobby) to Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic - basically visiting 5 major cities.  Between 3 photographers, there are LOTS of pictures.  Take a look at these groupings (they aren't all labeled yet - so you'll have to wait for the rest.)  Remember to click on the small images to enlarge them and to click on the arrows at the top or bottom of the pages to get to additional pictures:

        Warsaw - the Old Town and general city sites

        Warsaw - Jewish sites

        Czestochowa - The Jasna Gora Monastery and the Black Madonna

        Krakow - Old Town

        Krakow - Kazimierz

        Near Krakow -   Auschwitz - These photographs record our visit and we have not attempted to add narrative.  For more information about Auschwitz and the Holocaust visit the U. S. Holocaust Museum site at:     http://www.ushmm.org/

Another interesting web site (put up by an individual) that has more photos and narrative about Auschwitz can be found at:     http://home.swipnet.se/~w-49276/docs/auschwitz/welcome.htm

        Next stop:  Wieliczka Salt Mine and on to Slovakia

        Budapest - Touring Pest

        Budapest - Danube Cruise

        Budapest - Dohany Street Synagogue

        Budapest - Touring Buda

       Vienna - Vienna

       Prague -  Prague

We visited our sisters in Nashville and Atlanta in May 2003.  The tornado warnings were really exciting!

In April 2003 Debbie arranged to do a month's out-patient rotation with her Dad.  They both had a great time working together in his office --- and we got to have Debbie at home for a whole month!

Debbie came home for a few days in late December 2002and we had a post-Chanukah family latke party.  Then the annual New Year's Eve Party with our friends - and the always-entertaining Yankee Swap.

You might like to see some of Debbie's photos .

Here's a link to Jeff's Page .

Our friends made a wonderful 30th Anniversary Party for us in November ( 6 months behind schedule often seems to be our custom.)     

Fall 2002 brought a trip to Florida for Jon and Tracy's wedding (Jeff's page has lots more wedding photos) followed by a week of R+R at Gammy's place in Sarasota. We met Ted and Debi in Tampa, but they only ended up in the videos. Back in New England we had a football/dinner reunion with our Providence friends.

In August 2002, we finally had the long awaited 30th anniversary dinner for Ellen and Paul.

We all enjoyed Susie and Dave's annual clambake in July 2002.

In July, 2002,  we went on a two week tour of Alaska with Gila and Al.   Follow the links below to all our stops:

        We flew from Boston to Anchorage.  Our next stop was Fairbanks.  We left Fairbanks and headed for Denali National Park, but on the way there, we stopped at Jeff King's Husky Homestead to learn how huskies are raised and trained for racing.  

        The next day we spent in Denali National Park.   We took a 7-8 hour ride into the park on a Park Service bus. The scenery was beautiful, but the animals were mostly in hiding that day.   Mt. McKinley wasn't visible on the day we drove into the park, but we were able to see it the following day as we were driving away from the area.

        One of the most thrilling parts of the trip was a floatplane ride from Lake Lucille heading north up to the Alaska Range.  (It was too hard to decide which photos to omit from this group, so hope you don't get bored.)  We returned and landed on  Lake Hood near Anchorage and traveled by bus to Girdwood and the Alyeska Resort.

        The next day was another busy one.  We rode the Alaska Railroad along Turnagain Arm and through Moose's Pass from Girdwood to Seward.  Then we took a Kenai Fjords National Park cruise out of Seward.  This was followed by a stop at the Alaska Sea Life Center and finally we boarded the Star Princess for our week long cruise.  Here are all the photos.

        On July 14 we cruised into College Fjord.  Then on July 15, Dick celebrated his birthday on breathtaking Glacier Bay.  

        Our first port was Skagway.  We had a busy day:  a Streetcar Tour of Skagway, a boat ride to the town of Haines, a float trip down the Chilkat river through a bald eagle preserve and (after returning to Skagway) a 3 hour ride on the White Pass and Yukon narrow guage railroad, which took us just over the Canadian border.

        The next day we spent in Juneau, the state capital.  Ketchikan was the port for the following day.

        We disembarked the ship in Vancouver and hopped right on a bus to Seattle where Debbie was waiting for us.  

Dick has a page or two of favorite pictures as well (not as extensive!). You can see them here.

Gail and Rob's wedding was on May 19,2002.

Josh and Ellen's weddingwas just a week later.

Here are some of Dick's Minneapolis pictures from Memorial Day '02.  Some are from Josh and Ellen's wedding, too!

Tucson in March was beautiful.

The sunsets in Sarasota were spectacular in January 2002!

Here are some more of Dick's photos --same trip.

In January 2002 we watched our Patriots become the National Champs at our Super Bowl Party .

We partied with our friends on 12/31/2001.

In August 2001 we visited Debbie in Portland, Oregon.  Our travels included:  hikes in the Columbia River Gorge and the Hoh Rain Forest, a visit to the blast zone at Mt. St. Helens (but the clouds were too low to allow a view of the crater) , and a stroll in the beautiful Portland Rose Garden.

In the summer of 2001 we helped celebrate Gila and Al's 30th Anniversary .

2001 was also a good year for our garden.