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Israel '08-'09, (5769)
Israel '08-'09 (5769)
10th Reunion
10th Reunion
Sanibel Visit (12/06)
The Luna Album
Portland '08
Portland 08
Galapagos Islands (6/05)
Blue Footed Booby

Vegas Half-way Reunion '06
Sahara Pool
Roger & Sheila's Wedding
Roger & Sheila's Wedding
Matt & Tricia's Wedding
Chicago Visit (8/04)
Chicago Visit

Jon & Tricia's Wedding
Jon & Tricia
Trip to Portland w/ Kim (7/04)
Kim in Portland
Mario Kart Racing 04
Mario Kart Lineup
5th Reunion
Van Wickle Gates
Road Trip to Cooperstown, Aug '03
Baseball Hall of Fame
Pumpkin Carvin '03
Pumpkin Carving

Gammy's 80th Birthday Party
Gammy's 80th

Scandinavia Tour Page (June 03)
Flam, Norway
Providence visit, 5/3/03
Providence visit, 5/3/03
Steve and Pia's Wedding, Aug '02
Steve & Pia's Wedding
Visit with Roger Oct '02
Providence, 10/5/02
Jon and Tracy's Wedding, Oct '02
My weekend in Florida from March '02
Planting at "Effingham Farms"
The Proctor Compound
The Jack Album
Josh and Ellen's Wedding, May '02
Josh and Ellen
A visit to Oregon in July '02
The Zakim Bridge Walk
Zakim Bridge Walk
My trip with Debbie to Arizona in November '01

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