In August of 2003, I went on a trip to Cooperstown with Anne, Paul, and Aram.  We drove out on Saturday morning, stayed over night, and headed back Sunday afternoon.  We spent our time Saturday in the Hall of Fame, followed by dinner at the Doubleday Cafe where we watched Saugus in the Little League World Series.

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Main St., Cooperstown
Main St. in Cooperstown. The shops lining the street were almost entirely baseball-oriented. We walked down Main St and headed straight for the Hall of Fame.

We watched an incredibly hokey 12 minute movie about baseball in this theater.

Early History
We moved on to the early history of baseball. Here's a quick summary of the first several thousand years.

Egyption "Baseball"
The Hall of Fame claims this was a sport... I'll leave the innuendos as an exercise for the reader.

Boston Red Stockings
According to the placard, "Baseball's First Dynasty", the Boston Red Stockings won 6 championships between 1872 and 1878.

Aram & Orioles
Aram looks at a photograph of some early stylish Baltimore Orioles.

1907 Chicago Cubs
A clip from the Chicago Sunday Examiner, June 9, 1907. We feel your pain, Cubs.

Jackie & the Dodgers
Jackie Robinson and the Brooklyn Dodgers. As Jackie joined the team, the Dodgers won six titles in ten years.

Anne, Paul, & Ted Williams
Anne and Paul take a look at the Tel Williams display.

Ted's "Locker"
As with many players highlighted in the Hall of Fame museum, some of Ted's baseball equipment was on display.

Ted's Strike Zone
This display shows what Ted Williams thought his batting average would be for pitches in each location in the strike zone.

Dodgers vs. Red Sox
This one's for you, Tracy. The 1916 World Series between the Red Sox and the Brooklyn Dodgers. This was 'back in the day' when the Sox won in the World Series.

1918 World Series
Another program in the World Series Gallery. Now why would I pick 1918 to show here...?

Anne & Paul w/ 1918 cover
Here's Anne & Paul reflecting on what a great year 1918 was.

Hall of Fame
Here's the actually Hall of Fame itself.

Cy Young
Only pitcher in the first hundred years of baseball to win 500 games, including 5 no-hitters, one of which was a perfect game.
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