Visit in Providence with Dan and Leo

After seeing a 9-1 win for Pedro at Fenway Park, Aram and I hit the road for Providence where it turned out that Dan and Leo (yes, Leo!) were visiting for the weekend.  We got there around 6:30pm and stayed until about 1:30am.  Below are some of the more memorable pictures...

When Aram and I got to Providence, Clarence, Leo, Dan, and Roger were just getting back from an intense game of basketball.

Little did Leo know, it didn't take long for us to revert to a college level of maturity....

Roger & Leo
Roger and Leo head in. See, it really is Leo!

More embarrasment
We had a little relaxation time inside before ordering dinner. The question here is, will it be Leo, Roger, or Dan who pays me to take this photo off the web?

Roger and Leo settle up for... services rendered?

With Dan in the shower, we needed to pass some time before ordering dinner.

Dan is still in the shower... some things never change.

Wings To Go
Ahh, wings! A feast of many wings ensued. There's really nothing like a Wings-To-Go wing.

Mini keg
Finally, Aram gets his chance to try a Heineken mini-keg.

Attaction to the Nintendo 64 was inevitable. Being too wiped out for real basketball (and full of wings), we settled on video basketball.

The Far Side
Here's what it looked like from the other side...

Crossbows & Catapults
After a fair amount of Nintendo (covering the bases after the NBA game with Smash Bros and Mario Kart), we chatted for a while and ended up in a fierce battle of Crossbows & Catapults. Here, Aram prepares his Vikings to fight Leo's Barbarians.

Barbarian Fortress
The fortress is built

...from above
A birds-eye view showing the forces protecting the inner castle.

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