Mario Kart 04

On Sept 19, five of us gathered in Seekonk for a day of go-kart racing.  Of course, we wanted to make a splash, so we thought we'd see what would happen if we showed up dressed as Nintendo Characters.  Several birthday pictures, and a couple autographs later, I put together this photo album.  We'll have video of the races up before too long.

Click on each image for a larger view

Mike helps Matt
Mike helps Matt into his dress with a few safety pins. (Just be glad I didn't show you the view from the back!)

Mama mia!
Aram is getting into costume, and into character.

With the help of the white gloves, Mike transforms himself into Mario.

Aram's costume is now complete.

Mario Bros
Luigi and Mario are all set for racing.

Mario Bros (2)
Well, maybe not quite ready...

Wario appears
Roger makes his grand entrace as Wario, toting his lightning bolt.

Peach, Wario, Yoshi, Mario
We've arrived at the Seekonk Grand Prix.

Huge nose
Is this thing ridiculous, or what?

Wario laughs as he grabs at Princess Peach.

Peach has got it!
Peach gets her revenge on Wario... I sure hope Wario's students never see these pictures.

Tag Team Mario
Mario and Luigi get psyched up for the race.