Las Vegas 7.5th Reunion

In August of 2006 Roger, Jack, Peter, Rob, Mike, and I took a trip to Las Vegas in celebration of our seventh and a half college reunion.  Here are some of the pictures from the trip.  For larger images, click the thumbnails.
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Sahara Pool
The pool outside our hotel. Sadly we didn't have a chance to swim.

Paris, Las Vegas
The Eiffel Tower? It's only a model... but a big one.

Inside Paris
Blurry picture, but you get the idea - a French street, complete with blue sky and whispy clouds.

Seen from one of the pedestrial bridges over Las Vegas Blvd.

Bellagio... Train Forest?
There were fake trees, fake plants, shooting water fountains, and... a train.

Roger in Paris
Roger poses dramatically behind his shades.

Cowboy Jack
Jack poses seductively with his zebra striped cowboy hat.

Bellagio Waterfront
More of the Bellagio. You can see some of the fountain jets in the middle of the "lake".

Baccarat *and* Noodles!
Neuf a la banque. Le jeu est fait.

Caesar's Palace
The main entryway into Caesar's Palace.

Jeff at Caesar's
Here I am in front of Caesar's.

Out of place?
I'm not sure Caesar would have had these particular statues at his palace. Neither is Kim.

Rob & Peter
Rob & Peter in the courtyard outside Caesar's Palace.

Forum Shops
Attached to the hotel and casino was a huge shopping area. This is the way in.

Forum fountain
A fountain at a restaurant in the forum shops.

Trojan Horse
The FAO Schwartz in the forum was complete with a trojan horse.

Jack got a half yard of daiquiri. Peter looks on in awe.

Vegas twilight
A view from the Sahara monorail stop as the sun was setting.

Vegas at Night
Everything is all lit up (and hard to photograph).

Vegas at Night
Looking the other way, more of the glow of Vegas. There were no stars visible.
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