Las Vegas 7.5th Reunion

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Bellagio at Night
Not everything is neon and flashy. The Bellagio proved again to be classy.

Bellagio Fountains
The fountains that are somewhat famous were actually pretty cool to watch.

Treasure Island
The pirate ship outside the hotel. Sadly, they cancelled the show that we waited for due to something about the conditions.

Quark's menu
The menu at Quark's. You might be able to read some of it.

Mike, Peter, and Rob
Posing at Quark's with some Romulan Ale and a "Mini Warp Core Breach" (note the dry ice).

Enterprise D
A model of the enterprise at "Star Trek: The Experience". We couldn't take pictures on the bridge.

Vegas sprawl
Looking out from the Top of the World, the restaurant at the top of the Stratosphere tower.

Whole group
Lunch is served. The strip is in the background, to the right.

The Strip
We rotated around to a nice view of the strip.

Chocolate Stratosphere
Roger ordered a chocolate stratosphere for dessert. Our lunch ended up lasting well over two hours.

Jeff and Roger
Roger and me on the observation deck, one floor up from the restaurant. Roger wishes to be observed.

Red Rock Canyon
Our first view of Red Rock Canyon. The 13 mile scenic drive was absolutely beautiful.

Red rocks
Yep, it rocked. The colors are not done justice by my camera.

Hardened dunes
Apparently many of the formations were former sand dunes that got wet then dried and hardened.

Not all red
The red rock was in stark contrast to the desert greenery surrounding it.

Me at Red Rock Canyon
Here I am with the red rock in the background.

The end
Yes, that's right, it is the ass end of the trip.
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