Arrival in Copenhagen

We left Stockholm midday and arrived in Copenhagen in the early evening.  Mike and Kairi weren't due in until the next morning, so Peter and I took a walk around town.

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We arrived in Copenhagen right on time and went to check in to the hotel. Here's our hotel room in the Radisson SAS Royal. Wacky, huh? We headed out to walk along Strøget.
All over Stockholm and Copenhagen were these booths selling incredibly phallic "French Hot Dogs". It turned out they're hotdogs served in a little baguette. These guys ate them.
The top part of this tower is a barometer. There's a girl on a bike (left) and a girl with an umbrella (right). The bike means nice weather, and the umbrella means rain. Right now, it is kind of half-way, hence the cloudy skies. The light along the corner is a thermometer.
A lot of building in Copenhagen seemed to be plastered with ads. This one is facing Rådus (City Hall) Plaza.
This building featured an ad from Carlsberg -- Probably The Best Beer in Town. We tried some later... it was okay.
Rådhus -- City Hall. It was actually built in 1905, but made to resemble older buildings. Most things in Copenhagen are relatively new since the city was plagued by many fires in its history.
Vikings blowing a 'lur'. The lur dates from the Bronze Age and the Vikings are from about 1000 years ago.
Part way down Strøget are two adjacent squares, Gammeltorv (Old Square) and Nytorv (New Square). Here is a odd spidery sculpture in Nytorv.
Have a seat... this must be the type of store the tour book mentioned as being "trashy". It's along Strøget.
A wider area in Strøget -- there weren't many pedestrians out this evening.
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