Full day in Gothenburg

We got a late start Thursday morning since we had a pretty late night, and Mike and Kairi had meetings with their advisors.  Peter came down with something overnight so he rested up in the hotel while I went out for a few hours.  We got in a bunch of sightseeing, but I didn't see as much of the city as I could have since the main point of our visit was a social one.  We called it a night on the early side since we had an early train to catch the next morning.

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In the morning, Peter wasn't feeling well, so Mike and Kairi and I went out for a little walk ourselves. I think this was a statue of a man who donated a lot of money to the city.
Mike and the wealthy statue have a little conversation.
View from a bridge over the channel. The channel flows around the oldest part of the city (although there are many modern buildings there). The area protected by the channel would have been a natural place to start settling.
I can't remember who this was, but I think it is King Gustav II Adolf, the Swedish King who granted Gothenburg its trade charter.
This is the Cathedral (litterally, the "Dome Church"). This isn't to be confused with the "Fish Church" which is just a big fish market.
A view of the front of the cathedral.
There were a lot of really nice green areas in the city. Even apart from the parks, there were spots like this that made the city very pretty.
This sculpture was on "The Avenue" (officially Kungsportsavenyn), just a little way from our hotel. We met up with Peter and headed out again.
I took a picture here earlier (the third pictures in this album), but now that it has gotten sunny, I wanted another one.
Since Peter was recovering, we decided not to do more walking and instead took a boat tour over to Elfsborg Fortress, a large fort on an island that had been used to defend the city.
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