Wally's Scandinavian Vacation

In early June, Wally had himself a trip to Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.  He spent 10 days and visited 6 cities & towns.  His mission: make Scandinavia a part of Red Sox Nation.

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Wally waits in Terminal E for the plane to leave for Stockholm via Amsterdam on Thursday evening. He's been practicing his Swedish all day.
Wally was hoping to meet the King here at the royal palace in Stockholm to talk about the Sox, but the King no longer lives there.
Wally rides the long escalator down into the subway station. Stockholm's subway is also called the T so Wally felt right at home.
Wally has his bags packed and he's ready to go. He's waiting in the Central Station in Stockholm for his train to Copenhagen.
Wally's enjoying a stroll along Strøget in Copenhagen. Strøget is a major shopping street in the city. Strøget leads to Nyhavn which is lined with outdoor cafes and bars. There's little question which area Wally liked better.
Further along on Strøget, Wally wanted his picture taken again with all the Danish flags.
After his visit to Copenhagen, Wally got on a train headed for Gothenburg, Sweden. This picture is on the bridge across the Baltic Sea. Wally kept saying that crossing the Charles on the Zakim was more impressive, but he's so small that he probably doesn't know better,
Wally kept a low profile in Gothenburg, but I caught up with him outside the train station at 6am, waiting for the train to Oslo.
Wally didn't know what this was a sculpture of, but he demanded to have his picture taken sitting on it, here in Oslo.
Wally was dismayed that he was not invited to dine with the sovereign of Norway, but he managed a smile for this picture with the Royal Palace.
Jeff and Wally hang out on the steps of the Oslo train station, waiting for the train up to Myrdal and then to Flåm.
For some reason, Wally really liked posing on sculptures.
Wally had a fun train ride down into Flåm and, given the lack of night life, got a good night's sleep. The next day he spent time enjoying the views before catching a boat to Bergen.
The last day of Wally's trip was spent in Bergen. He saw much of the city and spent some time relaxing by this fountain. The next day he went back to Boston, crawled back into Fenway Park, and caught up on his jet lag so he'd be ready for the next game.