Portland Trip (July 2002)

These are pictures from my trip to Portland to visit Debbie in July of 2002.  The pictures are in order left-to-right.  For more pictures of the same trip, you can look at Deb's photo album of my visit.

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Mt. Hood
My first view of Mt. Hood was on the approach into Portland from the plane.

Mt. St. Helens
When I got in on Wednesday, we drove around a bit in Portland. Here we went up to Council Crest to see the views of the mountains.

Mt. Hood (again)
Circling around, you could also see Mt. Hood from up there.

Rose Garden
Portland is the "Rose City", and they have a Rose Garden to prove it.

On Thursday (after I had been up a long time Wednesday including a trip to see The Fellowship of the Ring), we drove out to the coast to avoid the 90-degree heat in the city.

We went up to a scenic viewpoint before actually going to the beach. This is looking south towards Cannon Beach

Still from our viewpoint, looking west over the Pacific.

We took a little trail that led closer to the water.

Sea Stacks
Here's another picture of the sea stacks from a couple pictures ago.

Haystack Rock
Next we went down to the beach and saw the (famous) Haystack Rock.
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